"That’s a wrap!" 

"That’s a wrap!" 

Loud Music Ladies T-shirt

Loud Music Ladies T-shirt


(via Michelle Branch’s Photos - “Loud Music” Video Shoot - Behind the Scenes)

Michelle Branch - On set of her upcoming music video “Loud Music”


Michelle Branch performing her new single, Loud Music, live on VH1.

Michelle hosted a concert today at Warner Bros Records and brought a few special fans along. She performed “Loud Music” and some new songs live. Watch the recorded concert now at Livestream.com.

(Click the link to watch her awesome live performances!)

Check out Michelle Branch’s exclusive “Loud Music” lyric video!

Michelle did a special webcast on Thursday, May 26th at 4pm PST/7pm EST. She answered fan questions and shared the exclusive first listen of her new single! Watch the recorded chat below.

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Michelle Branch - Loud Music

The first single off of Michelle Branch’s upcoming 3rd studio album. I KIND OF LOVE IT. ACTUALLY, I LOVE IT A LOT. 

I’m so glad shes back! (and not making country music anymore)

Wooohoo! Old Michelle is back. She will forever be my hero. <3